Have you ever dreamed of owning your own business?

Learn How To Start A Market Stall or Street Food Stall and
begin earning £2k/month (or more) working 3 days/week

...doing something that you LOVE

Live Life on Your Own Terms. Create a lifestyle that you want

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own business?

Most people think about it at some time in their life but only a few actually do it.


Because it can feel scary and risky, particularly if you're in a comfortable job and especially when you have commitments such as family and a mortgage to support.

BUT, when you DON'T have a job or your job doesn't feel so safe or fulfilling, or when you desperately need an additional source of income, the possibility of self employment can feel appealing, even exciting.

Did you know?

...that these well-know businesses started from a market stall?
Yes, a market stall with humble beginnings that went on to turn themselves into multi-million pound high street names.

  • Marks & Spencer (began at Kirkdale Market, Leeds, UK)
  • Tesco (began at Hackney Market, East London, UK)
  • Innocent Drinks (bagan at a festival in London, UK)
  • Dunelm (began at Leicester Market, UK)
  • Grainger Games (began at Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Market, UK)

Live life on YOUR terms doing something that you LOVE

The founders of these businesses were just where you are now. At the very beginning of their journey. They started with a DREAM and they made the decision to follow that dream. They took their business idea, sourced their products and set about serving local customers with far better customer service than any of their competitors were offering at their local market. And the result...Customers loved them and the rest is history.

What could be more rewarding than earning an income from doing something that you LOVE doing, instead of working for someone else, hour upon hour doing something that you don't enjoy and for them to get the benefit of your hard work?

So, WHY a Market Stall?

A Market Stall is one of the QUICKEST, EASIEST, LEAST RISKY, LEAST COSTLY ways in which you can "Start a Business" or test your business idea.

"Trading on the markets" as it's affectionately known, often begins from you having a PASSION, an INTEREST and a DESIRE to work for yourself, doing something that you LOVE, making a good income around family commitments.

If this sounds like something you could be interested in, I'd like to quickly tell you my story...

HELLO I'm Keeley Flint,

I’ve been market trading since I was 22 years old and now 20 years on, I can’t help looking back and reflecting on the successes AND failures that I've experienced in all that time.

From humble beginnings, I managed to build my market stall business into 2 retail shops, a thriving market stall business and a manufacturing corset dress company supplying over 70 retail boutiques spread across the UK.

But even with all that success, you’ll still find me trading on the markets! I just love the market life 🙂

It wasn't that long ago, when I was asked by The National Market Traders Federation to mentor a group of six market traders that I came to realise the value of my knowledge and experience to other people who were feeling just like I did when starting out all those years ago. Wanting to start my own business, but having more questions than answers!

Working with those six mentees to build their confidence, to give them the correct knowledge and skills, to avoid the pitfalls that I had encountered and to establish and grow their market stall businesses quickly, was SO rewarding. One of my mentees even went on to win “runner up” in the coveted Trader of the Year ‘First Pitch’ Awards worth £2,000 prize money for the overall winner.

I wish I knew then, what I know now

I still remember that first day on my very own market stall…feeling nervous, wondering if people would stop to look at my stall, whether they would like my stuff…and what it would feel like to make that first sale?

If you're thinking about starting a market stall business, you’re most likely feeling like I did all those years ago.

When I first had the idea of starting a business, and particularly a market stall all those years ago, I had no clue about HOW to start or WHAT I needed to KNOW to be successful. There were no courses available to help me then. It was a case of jump in, then sink or swim.

HOWEVER - It can be much easier for YOU

If you’re serious about wanting to start your own Market Stall business, I’d like to invite you to join me on this easy to understand, step-by-step home-study course (taken from my live training days) “How to Start a Market Stall” where I share everything I know to get you started and earning an income as quickly as possible.


...How you'll feel when you're standing on your own market stall, doing what you LOVE, working the number of hours that you choose to work and that suits YOU. How good will it feel to be your own boss, running your own lifestyle business that you can fit around family and other commitments and to have plenty of money in your pocket again?

It will feel absolutely fabulous I can tell you, even life changing for some.

Don't wait any longer, join me and get started TODAY

Here's What You Get

24/7 access to the online course via your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, which contains all the step by step information and resources that you need.

Because you can access the course 24/7, you can study at a time that best suits you and progress at your own speed.

There's even ongoing support available for you to get questions answered if you get stuck.

Course Content:

  • 1

    Welcome letter (PDF)

  • 2

    Video 1 - How to make £2k per month (or more) working 3 days/week

  • 3

    Video 2 - Introduction

  • 4

    Video 3 - Developing your Idea (Part 1)

  • 5

    Video 4 - Developing your Idea (Part 2)

  • 6

    Video 5 - Pricing, Profit & Product

  • 7

    Video 6 - Selling Steps & Skills (Part 1)

  • 8

    Video 7 - Selling Steps & Skills (Part 2)

  • 9

    Video 8 - Selling Steps & Skills (Part 3)

  • 10

    Video 9 - Customer Care, Managing Money (Part 1)

  • 11

    Video 10 - Managing Money (Part 2)

  • 12

    Video 11 - Managing Money (Part 3)

  • 13

    Video 12 – Insurances, Records & Summary

  • 14

    Study Guide (Workbook)

  • 15

    Develop your Idea (Worksheet)

  • 16

    Market Traders Check List (Worksheet)

  • 17

    Daily Sales Sheet (Worksheet)

  • 18

    Personal Survival Budget (Spreadsheet)

  • 19

    Cash Flow Forecast (Spreadsheet)

  • 20

    Support (Online Helpdesk)





£5.95 Billion


26 Billion

Shopping Visits


Street Food

Will the course really benefit me?

Here's what past and current students have to say:

I did the course because I want to have my own market stall selling my own photographs and print T-shirts. I thought the course was very informative and the presenters very good. The information has given me the determination to start. It gave me a process and lots of business information to start. *Now trading on his own market stall (2016)

Robert P
Robert P

I attended the one-day live course. I’m currently not working. I was feeling anxious on the way to the course but both tutors put everyone at ease, basically straight away. The tutors were excellent in every area. My mind was made even more aware of the art of trading and I hope to set up a market stall in the next 3 month

Philip P
Philip P

I definitely recommend the course because it gives you something to follow and answers things that you don't know about. Keeley's support afterwards has been brilliant. I'm pleased to say I'm now selling hand-made jewellery on my local markets and loving it.

Joyce C
Joyce C

On completion of the course and now six months later from starting my own stall, I thought I'd write to you to recommend the course to NMTF members. I really enjoy my life as a market trader. Of course, I am an NMTF member and have been very happy with the support I have received from other members, including Keeley. The course is designed well and is well presented to help newcomers and gives an idea of how to set up a business on the market. I even now have my own van and someone helping me out. I learned so much about how to run the stall as a business. Support is always a phone call or text message away

Shane D
Shane D

Excellent! Well worth the information overload. Seriously, this is what every potential trader needs to know. Awesome stuff from Keeley and Marcus. *Owner of Beautiful & Precious. Hand-made quality jewellery.

Albert B
Albert B

The course was very informative. Every answer to my question was there. Advice, support, all the information that’s been given. All the course was useful and I feel more confident to set up a market stall. I would rate the trainers as excellent and it was an enthusiastic and friendly atmosphere, excellent speeches! 10 out of 10 rating! Helpful and important information. Many thanks to Keeley and Marcus for being so enthusiastic and very welcome for everyone. Love to listen to both of them as well, very valuable! (Attended live one-day course)

Aleksandra S
Aleksandra S

I found the course very informative. What I found most useful was the exchange of experiences. I work part-time and also a student but hope to start a market stall in about 3 months time. The trainers were excellent. I would recommend this course to others

Felipe T
Felipe T

Keeley and Marcus run a great course which is then followed up with further support by Keeley. She is full of positive thinking, enthusiasm and good ideas.
Once you start you'll be hooked!

George O'Neil
George O'Neil

It's time for Markets to take back the High Streets. Councils are spending millions on regenerating their markets. Keeley offers a great masterclass and anyone who's tempted to start up as a trader should seriously consider speaking with Keeley

Dave MarketTradeNews

Currently I am not working and want to get back to work doing something I enjoy and love. I've found the course very informative and the activities are really useful. I now have the information, a plan and steps to follow. The thing I found most useful was the information about licences, permits and grants. I do now feel much more confident to set up a market stall and I'm going to do it. I would recommend this course. The trainers are excellent. *Now trading on her own street food stall selling authentic Mexican foods (2016)

Alejandra C
Alejandra C

I’m doing the course today because I heard Keeley on Radio Derby. I thought she was very inspirational and I came along because it was here. I knew nothing about market trading whatsoever. I’m quite interested in it, but most recently I’ve been looking at the market stalls and thinking about it more seriously and it’s fitted in quite nicely with the timing over Christmas. I would certainly recommend it to other people. If I had to pick one benefit from attending, it would be the inspiration that Keeley’s delivered today

Andrew T
Andrew T

After this inspiring training course, I defy anyone to not be enthused by the end. From the very beginning I was met with a wealth of information, I was expecting a couple of hand-outs but what I actually received far surpassed that. The documents provided were extremely detailed and comprehensive, complete with exercises to help formulate a more detailed plan once the course had finished.

Emily Carrington-Morris
Emily Carrington-Morris


Q: How do I know if HOW TO START A MARKET STALL is right for me? +

A: If you’re currently unemployed, been made redundant, struggling to get a job after finishing college or university, in a job that you're not enjoying, you just need to make some additional income or you want to unleash your entrepreneurial potential and become the next Market Trader success story, this course WILL help you.

It’s been proven time and time again that if you're prepared to LEARN from the best information and people available to you, your chance of success will increase significantly.

HOW TO START A MARKET STALL is focused on making sure that nobody gets left behind and that you are able to pursue and achieve your dreams. You'll also be playing a part in building your local economy and community. We’re a family, with a desire to make sure that we ALL succeed at what we put our minds to.

Q: Will I have direct access to Keeley? +

A: Yes, absolutely. Keeley is totally committed to the market trader community, spending time answering support questions and providing feedback. When you purchase this course, you'll also be invited to join our members-only Facebook group where more support is available to you.

Q: Can I get a refund? +

A: HOW TO START A MARKET STALL is a one-time only purchase. We offer a 30 day refund, 100% money back guarantee. If after implementing what we teach in this course, you fail to generate at least as much as you paid for the course, just email our support team at support@HowToStartAMarketStall.com and we will re-imburse you the full amount of your purchase within 48 hours.

Q: Does this course guarantee results? +

A: The ACTIONS YOU TAKE in your market stall business will have a direct effect upon your success, growth and profit. Although we can’t guarantee results, one thing we can guarantee is that we will provide you with the information and know-how to give you the best start to succeed in your market stall business. What you do with the information is entirely up to you and the actions you take to secure your profitable future as a market trader and business owner.

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