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“I found the course informative. Nothing missing or not included that I wanted to learn about. What I found most useful? Everything. Yes, I feel much more confident to set up a market stall in about 3-6 months time. The trainers (Keeley and Marcus) I thought were excellent and I would recommend the course to others yes. Very informative and interesting”

Anthony F

“Currently I am not working. How informative I found the course was very informative with activities and group work that were about right. The thing I found most useful was the information about grants, licences and permits. Yes, I now feel more confident to set up a market stall in about 6 months time. I would recommend this course. The trainers were excellent”

*Now trading on her own street food stall selling authentic Mexican foods (2016)

Alejandra C

“I’m currently not working. I was feeling anxious on the way to the course but both tutors put everyone at ease, basically straight away. The tutors were excellent in every area. My mind was made even more aware of the art of trading and I hope to set up a market stall in the next 3 month”

Philip P

“I’m self employed and also a student. Having completed the course, I found it very informative and feel more confident about setting up a market stall. When? I’m not sure yet about timings. I rate the trainers excellent"

Sara P

“The trainers were excellent and I feel more confident about starting a market stall now, which I would like to do within the next 3 months. What I found most useful was learning how to work out profit. I just thought the course was SO informative and interesting. Lovely people and friendly”

Penelope P

“I came on the course because I want to have my own market stall selling my own photographs. I thought the course was very informative and the presenters very good. The information has given me the determination to start. It gave me a process and lots of business information to start”

*Now trading on his own market stall (2016)

Robert P

"It's time for Markets to take back the High Streets. Councils are spending millions on regenerating their markets. Keeley offers a great masterclass and anyone who's tempted to start up as a trader should seriously consider speaking with Keeley"

Dave, Market Trade News

“I found the course very informative. What I found most useful was the exchange of experiences. I work part-time and also a student but hope to start a market stall in about 3 months time. The trainers were excellent. I would recommend this course to others”

Felipe T

“The course was very informative. Every answer to my question was there. Advices, support, all the information that’s been given. All the course was useful and I feel more confident to set up a market stall. Hopefully in the next 3 months. I would rate the trainers as excellent and it was an enthusiastic and friendly atmosphere, excellent speeches! 10 out of 10 rating! Helpful and important information. Many thanks to Keeley and Marcus for being so enthusiastic and very welcome for everyone. Love to listen to both of them as well, very valuable!”

*Now trading on her own market stall (2016)

Aleksandra S

"On completion of the course and now six months later from starting my own stall, I thought I'd write to you to recommend the course to NMTF members. I really enjoy my life as a market trader. Of course, I am an NMTF member and have been very happy with the support I have received from other members, including Keeley. The course is designed well and is well presented to help newcomers and gives an idea of how to set up a business on the market. I even now have my own van and someone helping me out. I learned so much about how to run the stall as a business. Support is always a phone call or text message away“

Shane D

“I’m not working currently. What I found most useful about the course was all of it. It was very informative and no, I don’t think there was anything missing or you didn’t include that I wanted to learn about. Yes, I now feel more confident to set up a market stall and hope to in about 3 months time. In rating the trainers I would say that they were excellent and yes, I would recommend this course definitely to others thinking about starting a market stall business”

*Now trading on her own market stall and loving it, selling handmade jewellery (2016)

Joyce C

“I’m at the course today because I heard Keeley on Radio Derby. I thought she was very inspirational and I came along because it was here. I knew nothing about market trading whatsoever. I’ve been quite interested in it, but most recently I’ve been looking at the market stalls and thinking about it more seriously and it’s fitted in quite nicely with the timing over Christmas. I would certainly recommend it to other people. If I had to pick one benefit from attending, it would be the inspiration that Keeley’s delivered today”

Andrew T

“Excellent! Well worth the information overload. Seriously, this is what every potential trader needs to know. Awesome stuff from Keeley and Marcus”

*Owner of Beautiful & Precious bespoke quality jewellery

Albert B

“After this inspiring training course, I defy anyone to not be enthused by the end. From the very beginning I was met with a wealth of information, I was expecting a couple of hand-outs but what I actually received far surpassed that. The documents provided were extremely detailed and comprehensive, complete with exercises to help formulate a more detailed plan once the course had finished.”

Emily C

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