Great Feedback from the Mansfield Training Course


We had a really great days training at the Mansfield iCentre with such enthusiastic stallholders (existing & potential), all with great market stall ideas, but needing additional support.

“I attended the one day ‘how to start a market stall’ training day in September 2014 not knowing what to expect and only a vague notion of what I wanted to do going forward or indeed if I even wanted to progress with the idea. However, after this inspiring one day course, I defy anyone to not be enthused by the end. From the very beginning I was met with a wealth of information, I was obviously expecting a couple of hand-outs but what I actually received far surpassed that. The documents provided were extremely detailed and comprehensive, complete with exercises to help you formulate a more detailed plan once the course had finished.DSCF7388

Both Keeley and Marcus as the trainers and the experts on the day, were very approachable and welcomed questions and observations without batting an eyelid. As the day progressed and we got into details that I never expected, such as how to close the deal, I couldn’t help but be swept away with the can-do attitudes and the clear passion that was evident in the room. This meant that any doubts or concerns I had about starting this project have been quashed and set at ease not only with enthusiasm but also the practicalities of making this happen in a positive way. I can’t thank Keeley enough and I for one cannot wait to start the next part of this journey……so if you’re thinking about attending, book your place now as you won’t regret it.”  Emily Carrington-Morris

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